Who we are

The Lebanese Association for Nature Conservation and Awareness (LANCA) is a non-profit organization launched in 2024 by a team of young wildlife biologists eager to share their passion for wildlife and nature with the society and communicate on the importance of conservation.

Our goal is to contribute to nature conservation through both educational and scientific means, as we believe that education is the foundation of any successful conservation effort. Primarily, we are working on raising scientific and environmental awareness in the Lebanese society through conferences and various activities for all age groups, but also by offering a range of scientific resources and websites. Additionally, we are engaged in research on species and habitats, especially endangered ones.

Through education, community involvement, and proactive conservation efforts, we can make a significant impact in conserving our natural heritage for future generations.

Our commitment to SDGs

Through its mission, the Lebanese Association for Nature Conservation and Awareness (LANCA) works towards achieving mainly the following Sustainable Development Goals:


Our partners...

As collaboration and support are key to achieving our mission, we are proud to work alongside local and international partners that share our vision and values.

Our present partners include: